12 best attributes of Top-level NFL Quarterbacks

Attributes of Top-level NFL Quarterbacks

Here we are going to discuss on the 12 best attributes of Top-level NFL Quarterbacks American football is a team sports the pits 11 offensive players against an opponent’s 11 defensive players (and vice versa). You should understands that the most important offensive player is called the Top-level NFL quarterback. The quarterback is basically the general on the field with the purpose to call plays and distribute the ball to other playmakers in order to advance the ball down the field and ultimately score points.
The National Football League (NFL for short) is the most prestigious league in American football. The members of each team in the NFL are the highest quality professional players who are paid high salaries for their abilities to help their teams win games and hopefully the NFL Championship at the Super Bowl. As was mentioned above, Top-level NFL Quarterbacks are considered the most important players on the offensive of any American football team. If so one may ask: what are the 12 best attributes of Top-level NFL Quarterbacks?
12best attributes of Top-level NFL Quarterbacks
The 12 best attributes of Top-level NFL Quarterbacks are:
• Combination of superior arm strength and pinpoint accuracy
• Sixth sense connection with receivers, ability to place the ball where only the receiver can get it
• Learns the offensive system and runs it with unfettered poise
• Studies film; able to read opponent’s defensive schemes and anticipate their likely moves
• Able to stay calm in the midst of pressure and make wise decisions about how best to distribute the ball
• Ability to quickly scan the entire field to find the most open receiver
• Mastery of the 2 minute offense
• Demonstrates leadership on the field; motivates and makes other players better
• Openly shares his appreciation and all success with the other members on the team
• The ability to lead a team back to victory in the fourth quarter.
• Rises to the occasion in all games; even more so in big games
Arm Strength and Touch

Attributes of Top-level NFL Quarterback is a combination of superior arm strength and finely tuned touch. The main purpose of the quarterback is to distribute the ball to other skill players in a manner by which the other skill players can advance the ball down the field. NFL QBs distribute the ball by handing it off (to a running back) or by throwing (passing) it to another skilled player (such as a receiver, tight end, ot running back). Coaches or offensive coordinators will typically call between 25 to 50 passing plays per game. To be effective, elite QBs develop their arms in such a way as to demonstrate a balance between arm strength (to zip the ball hard or throw it long) and fine touch.
Sixth Sense Connection with Receivers
The second

Attributes of Top-level NFL Quarterbacks

is the development of a sixth-sense style connection with their receivers. The best quarterbacks in the USAs National Football League practice with their receivers over and over again in order to get a feel for their tendencies and competencies. Top QBs and receivers read the defensive scheme and body language of defenders to find the best place on the field to throw and catch the football. Elite NFL QBs show a greater ability to anticipate their receivers’ moves than average QBs. Moreover, the most effective QBS throw the ball to a place on the field (high, low, back shoulder) where only their receivers will have a chance to catch it.

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Mastery of the Offensive Scheme
A third quality of elite NFL quarterbacks is they develop a mastery of their team’s offensive schemes. The best QBs study the playbook over and over and over to know it inside and out. This practice gives them the widest base of knowledge from which to know where each player should be on the field and make the wisest decisions about how to distribute the ball.
Mastery of Their Opponent’s Defensive Schemes and Tendencies
Top NFL quarterbacks not only know their own offense inside and out, but also study film in order to gain mastery of their opponent’s defensive schemes and tendencies. Mastery of their opponent’s defensive schemes helps QBs read defensive coverage in order to determine which receiver is likely to be the most open for a pass. The ability to read defensive football formations will help the NFL quarterback determine if the called play will work or if he should change the play at the line of scrimmage (also referred to as calling an “audible”).
Best NFL QB – All-Time
Who was the best NFL Quarterback all-time?
• Johnny Unitas
• Joe Montana
• Dan Marino
• Terry Bradshaw
• John Elway
• Brett Farve
Tom Brady
• Peyton Manning
• Drew Brees
Handle Pressure Well to Make Wise Decisions
A fifth quality of elite NFL quarterbacks is the ability to stay calm in the midst of pressure and make wise decisions about how to distribute the football most effectively. When a QB drops back to throw a pass, the opposing defense normally sends three or more defensive players to attempt to harass or tackle the QB before he gets the ball out of his hand. (This act by the defense is referred to as rushing the passer.) The top quarterbacks in the National Football League will remain relatively calm when the defensive players are running at them and show the ability to find the open receiver, tuck the ball under their arm and run, or throw the ball away if need be.
Quickly Scan the Whole Field to Find the Most Open Receiver
The most skillful professional quarterbacks in the National Football league are not only calm in the midst of pressure. They also master the ability to look at all their receivers to find the best place to distribute the ball. Most sophisticated offensive schemes design pass plays that give their quarterbacks more than one receiver to throw to. NFL offensive coordinators usually give their receivers three or four options. Elite NFL quarterbacks remain more calm and focused to the point that they are able to look over all their options before making the throw. This ability allows them to distribute the ball to the receiver who has the best chance to advance the ball down the field and perhaps score a touchdown.
Mastery of the Hurry Up Offense (aka Two Minute Drill)
The two minute drill is a phrase that relates to the last two minutes before half-time or the end of a football game. American football games are divided into four quarters. The first two quarters lead to half-time and the final two quarters lead to the end of the game. Half-time and the end of the game are definite stopping intervals at which the team will not be able to advance the ball any further. When the time begins to run close to the end of the half or the end of the game, NFL offensive coordinators will order their team to use a “hurry up offense” or sometimes called “two minute drill.” As many NFL teams are evenly matched, the scores remain close to the very end. Teams that are behind in the score will attempt to move the ball down the field quickly in order to get a quick score. Elite NFL QBs love the excitement of leading their teams in a comeback and thus show a mastery of the two minute drill.
Appreciation for the Other Players on the Team
Another quality of an elite NFL quarterback is they show appreciation for the efforts of the other players on the field. Top-level QBs demand performance, but they also understand that they cannot be successful a part from the other ten players (40-plus including defense and special teams). The most effective quarterbacks in the National Football League are especially grateful for their offensive linemen who protect him each week.
Establish Themselves as Leaders in the Huddle and on the Sideline
The key characteristic of an elite NFL quarterback is there ability to establish themselves as leaders on the field as well as on the sideline. When the offense is on the field, the QB is the general on the field. The best professional quarterbacks have an uncanny ability to motivate their teams to higher heights. They show an unwavering belief their team can pull this one out; no matter the score or the time left on the scoreboard. More than that, their teammates believe them and give their best efforts to the end.
Demonstrate an Uncanny Ability to Lead Their Teams in a Fourth Quarter Comeback
A 10th quality of elite NFL quarterbacks is their uncanny ability to forge fourth quarter comebacks. Again, it does not matter how much time is left on the clock; the best quarterbacks in the National Football League believe and so do their teammates.
This trait was demonstrated Sunday, October 21, 2012 by two quarterbacks playing the same game. Although too new to the league to be considered an elite quarterback, 2011 Heisman Trophy Robert Griffin III (or RGIII) of the Washington Redskins took over the ball with less than two minute left in an attempt to overcome a four point deficit against the New York Giants. RGIII promptly led his team down the field in just under a minute before making a perfect pass to receiver Santana Moss for the go ahead score. It was the second last minute comeback RGIII led in as many weeks. However, Giants quarterback and two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning was not to be out done. He took the field with less than 45 seconds left and three or four plays later hit his receiver Victor Cruz to take the lead back. Elite NFL QBs know how to rally their players when the chips are down and time is running out.
Rise to the Occasion of All Games, but Even More so in Big Games
Elite NFL quarterbacks treat all games as important not just the big games. They know their teams have to win the easy games too in order to win championships and prepare accordingly. However, top-level National Football League QBs are even more effective in big games. They want the ball in their hands when the game is on the line and they seldom disappoint. The drive and determination of the best NFL quarterbacks heighten in the most crucial moments. Even if they just made a seemingly costly turnover, elite quaterbacks shake off the mistake and make the most of the next opportunity.
Win Championships

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The final 12 best attributes of Top-level NFL Quarterbacks is that they win Championships. Most notably, the Super Bowl but also conference championships. The Top-level NFL Quarterbacks know how to get their teams to the biggest games of all and win them.

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