2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends For Webmasters

2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends
2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends

2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends For Webmasters

In this article 2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends Am going to give you all the necessary details including Search Engine Optimization Trends you should follow from 2018, and also some of the past SEO technique that you should avoid come 2018

We all know that Google search engines is deleting, updating, and also building new algorithm that helps to improve the way people search for information using their search engines, which is mainly based on how they rank each and every websites URL found on their search engine. SEO has been the usual watchword for every webmasters on the internet.

Now what is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization: in clear definition by (webopedia.com)-search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) which includes Google, bing, yahoo and other search engines. Another definition of SEO also by (redevolution.com)- search engine optimization is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine ranking. In search results Google display links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative. Authority is mostly measured by analyzing the number and quantity of links from other web pages.

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Now that we have understands what SEO definition is, we are now going deep into main article headlines to know more about 2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends .

Here are the factors that should be considered for Search Engine Optimization in 2018

  1. Quality/quantity of contents: the era of doing keywords research in other to outrank your competitors is now also fading away, although there is 100% reason to do keywords research. But according to latest search engine “penguin version” they have reported that content is now the key factor you should consider if you are thinking of outranking your competitors. Not only must it be content, but the quality of your content highly counts. According to moz 10x factors, they made us to know that if you are planning to outrank your competitors based that are on your niche, then you should be ready to write 10x content of what your competitors is lacking or what they already have, add more values to your content, makes it unique and captivating, and you will see your site ranking higher among other competitors come 2018.
  2. Good back link building: link building is still one of the 2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends if you wants to have a higher page authority/domain authority on Google search engine. Building good and quality backlinks from websites that are higher than you is worth more than buying links or paying for links from SEO companies. The best places to build backlink fast and easiest is by commenting or guest posting on websites that have “.gov or .edu” domain extension because they are highly trusted and much more respected by search engines. Try to be writing a good and quality content that will attract other people to links your site because doing so will help you to meet up with 2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends
  3. Html5 technique: Google are now paying attention to html5 tags on a posts, this deals with how you organized your content with html5 markup for easy and clear indexing by Google robot. Let’s look into some examples of html5 markup: <cite></cite>, <iframe></iframe> <figure caption></figure caption>, <br>, <hr> <address></address> etc. there are loads of html5 tags on the internet consider using them on your post.  You can click on this link w3schools for complete html5 tutorial, and you will see the effect and taste of originality that it will give to your site. If you are an amateur in using html5 markup language, am advising you to visit w3schools.com so that you will have basic tutorials of html5 tags and how you can use it to structure your article in the way that adheres to Google rules and regulations
  4. social media engagement: if you are a webmaster that is not paying attention on building a great social media profiles then you are making a huge mistake, Google wants you to work hard, to be able to engage your visitors, they want to know how serious you are and how legit you are towards your readers. So start now to build your social media profiles. Google also ranks your sites based on the number of shares and likes that is being gotten on your site website share buttons. so consider keeping up with this 2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends so as to stay top or step-up among your competitors
  5. Schema markup: this will be the last line that I will treat in this 2018 TOPS SEO TRENDS FOR WEBMASTERS. So what is schema mark up? Schematic markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engine return more informative results for users. If you have ever used rich snippets, you will understand exactly what schema markup is all about. Schema markup has been existing over the years, although it’s not popularly used by webmasters that are based mainly on publishing health, news and stories. It can be found on most tech review’s sites that required user ratings on the products that they are reviewing for.

Google are now moving into the area of using schema mark to rank websites in search engine, if you are already familiar with schema markup and have been making use of it then continue using, but if you are new to it then you should consider searching for “schema markup” on Google so that you can read what its mainly used for and how you can apply it to your content. So that you can stay ahead of your competitors all the time and be ready to rank higher among them on search engines.


So I will say this as my last advice, practice this 2018 Search Engine Optimization Trends For Webmasters so that you won’t be left behind when 2018 comes and also try to avoid TOP PAST SEO TRENDS.

We are using this opportunity to wish Happy New Year To all our benevolent readers from all over the world. Am glad to have You People.

Thanks And Happy new year once again..


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