25 Facts about Black Panther You Must know

Facts about Black Panther

    25 Facts about Black Panther

Facts about Black Panther

Black Panther is now talk of the day for Super hero movies fans, did I say movie fans?

Who might thought that even the most bored individuals on earth have caught a glimpse of this African-American movie produced by marvel?  Black Panther seems to answer the question that most Africans don’t understand concerning our root and heritage. Well I can say, others also said that the film worth more than its rating.

This is what Africans should be proud about.

So let’s keep our eyes glued as I listed out all the Facts about Black Panther movie that you must know as a true fans of BLACK PANTHER.

Here are the Facts about Black Panther:

  1. Black Panther was first Premiered on February 16
  2. It have broken and set all kinds of box office records since the day it came out
  3. The movie had more IMAX pre-sale tickets than any other marvel movie
  4. IMAX itself wouldn’t share the exact number of the movie ticket sold so far
  5. The chief of IMAX Company did confirm its exceedingly rapid pace
  6. Black Panther also had more Fandango pre-sales than any other first quarter film
  7. The movie pulls ahead of some popular movies like the Hunger Games
  8. It also had more pre-sales tickets than any other superhero movie ever
  9. The previous record for Pre-sales Movie ticket was held by Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice
  10. As Black Panther Movie came out, it became the highest rated superhero movie of all time
  11. It beats other movies like the first Iron Man, Logan, and even the incredible
  12. Black Panther broke the record for Thursday Night preview sales with over $25 million that night
  13. Beating out another Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War
  14. It then beat out the Dark Knight and Civil War again on opening night
  15. The movie had the highest grossing opening night of any individual hero movie
  16. Falling about $5 million short of beating the first Avengers film
  17. But it still topped over $200 million during its opening weekend crushing deadpol which came in at about $130 million
  18. Earning Black Panther the highest grossing February opening ever
  19. It also raked in over $40 million on president’s Day
  20. Beating out the force Awakens Monday box office record from 2015
  21. The Black Panther movie was directed by RYAN COOGLER
  22. it’s also the biggest opening for an African-American director ever
  23. Topping F.Gary Gray’s The Fate of the furious
  24. The movie successful impact have guaranteed a Black Panther Part 2
  25. “Black Panther” is set to earn more than $100 million for the fourth-highest second frame of all time.

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