Actress Eva Green Claims Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assaulted Her

French actress Eva Green has joined the long list of women who have gone public about being sexually harassed by producer Harvey Weinstein.

Green, who appeared in the James Bond film Casino Royale and the Weinstein film Sin City, said
she felt “shocked and disgusted” when Weinstein groped her. The
encounter ended only when she had to “push him off.”  She posted today
at length about the incident on her Twitter account.

Green went public after her mother, actress Marlene Jobert, claimed on a Europe Radio 1 program that Weinstein had threatened to destroy her daughter’s career after she spurned him.

Jobert said Weinstein was a “horrible man” and had promised her
daughter career success in return for sexual favors. Jobert also said
Weinstein informed her he would ban other directors from casting her.
The incidents happened in 2010 or 2011, she said.

Green was “intimidated, this guy had so much power, power over all cinema!” Jobert said, adding, “At
the time, I was truly horrified, so scandalized that I wanted to do
something. But my daughter said ‘Absolutely not! You do not know the
evil he is capable of

.’ “

Jobert said she now was speaking out
to increase the pressure on Weinstein, “because it isn’t possible that
this guy goes unpunished. This odious character must be prosecuted.”  
Green said she was inspired to go public by other accounts of Weinstein’s assaults.

“I have not discussed this before because I wanted to maintain
my privacy, but I understand it is important to do so as I hear about
other women’s experiences,” said Green. “Women are often condemned when
they speak out and their personal reputations tarnished by association. I
salute the great bravery of the women who have come forward. We should
recognize that this sort of behavior exists everywhere and is not unique
to the entertainment industry. The exploitation of power is ubiquitous.
This behavior is unacceptable and needs to be eliminated.”

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