Chinwe the tales of a ghetto girl (episode 2) 18+

She set her mind on traveling to Europe for a better life and hadensured that lying on her backprovided the funds for herdreams. After being duped twiceby spurious travel agents, shesettled for Ghana. The family only ever heard from her duringChristmas.Ogochukwu, the second born andsecond daughter was theprettiest. At a young age, sheeasily got the attention of boys and men in the hood. After hersecondary school, it was onlyright she latched on to awealthy guy, whose mainbusiness was unknown but droveseveral big and expensive cars and traveled abroad alot. Ogo’s‘husband’ had been very niceto their family until heimpregnated Ogo and asked herto move in with him, promising to‘close road’ after Ogo had delivered the baby. The party heproposed, was supposed to betwo-in-one… Marriage andnaming ceremony. Ogo was nowheavy with her second child andthere was still no ‘closing road’ in sight. She only evershowed up to cry to theirmother that her husband beatsand blames her for thedownturn of his business.

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