CHINWE(the tales of a ghetto girl)Episode 1(18+)

A bucket was kicked violently away from the line that had been formed by
the side of the well. There was outrage.Voices were raised and a
few bodies were shoved in anger.This scenario played out almost every
morning and the residents of inland street were used to the fracas. In
the huge melee, Irone got down to work briskly. He dunked the small bucket
used to draw water from the well andbegan to fill his many bucketsand
basins, while Gbenga and Sesan tried to calm down the warring parties. A
few, very observant girls had keyed into Irone’s train of thought
and deftly jumped the queue to get water. One of those girls, was called
Chinwe… Popularly known as chi-chi Chinwe was the hottest bitch on Koso
street. Her beauty was not measured by her face,stature, brains, height,
skin color or other such criteria.Chinwe’s beauty was strictly measured
by the activeness and activity of her vagina.Her father had been stripped
off his manliness when he lost his job as a Hotel Manager in a No-Star,
barely-above-ashawo joint,hotel. The energy to seek another job vanished
along with his job loss so he did what every lazy man in the hood did;
turned ‘born again’ and stuck at it till he became someone relevant enough
to get the Pastor’s trust and inadvertently, a Church salary.Mama Chinwe
sold Ugwu at junction market. It was rumored that half the time, she
frolicked with a few of the Ekene Dili Chukwu bus drivers around their park
at First Gate but no one had any concrete proof. Chinwe’s two older
sisters had struggled to finish secondary school. The oldest,Udo chika,
realized early enought hat schooling wasn’t for her.To be continued…
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