Reasons why hot water freezes faster than cold water

Reasons why hot water freezes faster than cold water

Why hot water freezes faster than cold water, this article this is aimed at educating students, teachers, etc. based on what we have been experiencing in our everyday activities or chores… some science students or any inquisitive individuals who have thought that there is really some certain phenomenon behind Reasons Why hot water freezes faster than cold water. Others might have just be seeing it as just natural way on how things occurred in our universe. But the fact is that this phenomenon is still confusing to some people but I believe that there are those such as scholars, universities, research center, colleges that have done some very good research based on why hot water freezes faster than cold water which they may or might have not find the viable answer to this natural phenomenon that we have been experiencing in our everyday lives.

Many higher institutions have made a tremendous research based on this topic Reasons why hot water freezes faster than cold water

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the Universidad de Extremadura and the Universidad de Sevilla team of researchers, have brought out a theoretical framework that could explain the Mpemba effect, a counterintuitive physical phenomenon that can revealed when hot water freezes faster than cold water.

This team of researchers, who have published their latest findings in Physical Review Letters, have proved how this phenomenon occurs in granular fluids, that is, those composed of particles that are very small and interact among those that lose part of their kinetic energy. Thanks to this theoretical characterization, “we can simulate on a computer and make analytical calculations to know how and when the Mpemba effect will occur,” said Antonio Lasanta. Lasanta is from the UC3M Gregorio Millán Barbany University Institute for Modeling and Simulation on Fluid Dynamics, Nanoscience and Industrial Mathematics. “In fact,” he said, “we find not only that the hottest can cool faster but also the opposite effect: the coldest can heat faster, which would be called the inverse Mpemba effect.”

There have been fact that preheated liquids freeze faster than those that are already cold and this was firstly observed by Aristotle in the 4th century AD. Francis Bacon, the father of scientific empiricism, and René Descartes, the French philosopher, were also interested in the phenomenon, which became a theory when, in 1960, a Tanzanian student named Erasto Mpemba explained to his teacher in a class that the hottest mixture of ice cream froze faster than the cold one. This anecdote inspired a technical document about the subject, and the effect began to be analyzed in educational and science magazines. However, its causes and effects have hardly been studied until now.

“It is an effect that, historically, has not been addressed in a rigorous manner but merely as an anomaly and a didactic curiosity,” said Antonio Prados, one of the researchers from the Universidad de Sevilla Department of Theoretical Physics. “From our perspective, it was important to study it in a system with the minimum ingredients to be able to control and understand its behavior,” he said. This has enabled them to understand what scenarios it is easier to occur in, which is one of the main contributions of this scientific article Reasons Why hot water freezes faster than cold water, “Thanks to this, we have identified some of the ingredients so that the effect occurs in some physical systems that we can describe well theoretically,” stated researcher Francisco Vega Reyes and Andrés Santos, from the Universidad de Extremadura Instituto de Computación Científica Avanzada (Institute of Advanced Scientific Computation).

“The scenario that the effect will most easily occur in is when the velocities of the particles before heating or cooling have a specific disposition — for example, with a high dispersion around the mean value,” he said. This way, the evolution of the temperature of the fluid can be significantly affected if the state of the particles is prepared before the cooling.

This research of “Reasons Why hot water freezes faster than cold water,” in addition to contributing to improving fundamental knowledge, might have other applications in the mid or long term. In fact, this group of researchers that initialized this research for this topic why hot water freezes faster than cold water is also planning to carry out an experiment that verifies the theory . Learning to emulate and use this effect might have applications in our daily life, according to scientists. For example, it could be used to make electronic devices which we want to cool faster.

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why hot water freezes faster than cold water

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