how to know if you are being “friend zone” By Her!

how to know if you are being "friend zone" By Her!

how to know if you are being “friend zone” By Her!

how to know if you are being “friend zone” By Her! are you in a relationship or you are in love with a girl that you love so much, you have been trying to make the girl loves you, you have been showing her care, affection, feelings but still the girl you are trying to get along with doesn’t felt the same as you are. she might be caring, cool and smiling to you always but she is eagerly provoked whenever you talk to her about your feelings or love. i want you to know that am a victim of this too, so there is no need arguing the fact that i have listed in this article how to know if you are being “friend zone” By Her!.  some might laugh this off because they thought that its very stupid for a guy to be friend-zone by a girl or lady. they are not far from the truth tho, but i want you to know that there are some things that you can never let go easily.. so for guys like me i have decided to write based on this everyday relationship confusion how to know if you are being “friend zone” By Her! some people are in a relationship but they Always knows within themselves that their relationship isn’t secured or valid but they seems to have faith waiting for the right time the girl might start seeing from their angle..

So here is the number sign on how to know if you are being “friend zone” By Her!

#1 Some true, funny, ugly signs.. lols:

guys never gets too excited if she calls you and said that she want to spend time with you.

#2 embarrassing, bossy, awkward signs

If you are planning to take her at a very expensive place that will make her have a nice time with you, please cancel that she is never gonna appreciate! this effort..

#3 shy to ask, she really wants the damn thing!

She will always trying to make you feel special by discussing her personal needs to you, so that you can feel that you are the only one she can talk to,. Guys never be fooled by this attitude, but that doesn’t stop you from buying her things if you felt like, or giving her a birthday gift when she is celebrating..

#4 she needs care from you, always shy to admit it..

Make your heart more strong because it’s going to break very soon.


she always want you to sing to her that “love song” oh you will feel that your dream have been achieved but nevertheless you haven’t stepped an inch to her heart yet “i feel like crying” so guys whenever you are composing that romance poem or mastering the best lyrics that you feel that can melt her heart, please remove your heart from the song cause you will be the looser..

#6 loves to hug,

on or more occasion she might have kissed you on the cheek or might have give you that hug. but Never get too excited about one touch, please!

#7 in her heart she saw you as a normal friend

i believe by now you have been getting the prove on how to know if you are being “friend zone” By Her! she never want you as a boyfriend or lover, so Don’t expect something from her because she knows everything and knows how to make you fool. .

#8 brother and sister love…

Guys if you have been reading my explanation above on how to know if you are being “friend zone” By Her! but you have not noticed such when you are trying to capture her heart then this #8 is a must, am sorry if you havent noticed then you are not being “friend zone” By Her!.. this is the most awkward moment Guys i adviced you to forget her, but if you insist then i doff my invisible hat to you

#9 two fools

she regarded you as a play mate but you think that all is about love,,  no she sees you as fool which you gladly accept,,, :”two fools”


Am going to take a break with this article  how to know if you are being “friend zone” By Her!  Stay tuned to for more informative & eye-opening articles concerning Relationship  , if you are really suffering from this dangerous trap then please take action guys, never gave you heart to a girl that never loves you.. life is too short

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