Struggle With The Ghost (my horror dream)

It was wednesday,
and i went to Oil mill market in port Harcourt to get myself some hair
extensions. As I walked past one old woman’s “shed”, a beautiful pack
of hair attachments caught my eye. “Wow!” I thought.” i just had
to have them”.

    Two days later, i
had the extension attached to my hair. on Monday, I carried them to school. My
friends loved them. After school, we were to stay for some extension classes in
chemistry. We were supposed to spend an hour and 30minutes. But, it took a lot
of time to explain this topic, “SALTS” We ended up closing very late
(6:30pm). The friend I usually went home with had left earlier, so i ha to take
a taxi home. It was so very late. I arrived at the lonely narrow path leading
down to our street at about 8:30pm. It seemed I’d been caught in the traffic
jam too long. I’d been out alone till this time. I started thinking about all
the Nigerian horror movies I’d been watching during the holidays. I looked at
the graves which were twice my height on both sides of the path. I had to get
home quickly. I had to walk down the path, but i couldn’t it was too dark and i
was too scared. ‘what if there were snakes with human heads in there’, I though
to myself “What if there are Evils men in there?”. “What about…….like…….In
the movies? I asked myself over and over again. “What about ghosts? I
finally build up the courage and headed on. As i got half way, I heard my name
twice, “ANTONIA,ANTONIA”. I stopped….. My eyes. I turned left then
right, No one. I went on, and heard the voice again
“ANTONIA,ANTONIA”. I was filled with fear. My heartbeat increased
rapidly. I was ready to……………I felt a tap on my back. I turned and
out of nowhere, a hot looking lady, not more than four feet tall, wearing a black
tight and shapely dressed, appeared in front of me. She was beautiful. As I
looked at her, I noticed two really odd things about her. First, she was bald.
Secondly, she wasn’t wearing any shoes. She smiled at me and said sharply,
“I’m going to ask U nicely, give me back my hair”. I was shocked.
what on earth was she talking about?

    And before i would
say “jack”, her left hands was on my braids. She wrapped her fingers
round a bundle of plaits. That was when i made one of the costliest mistakes
ever. I pushed……that provoked her. She then slapped me, then ripped out the
braids off my head with some parts of my real hair on some ends . I was ready
to skin her alive, when she then held the ball of braids over her head, which
the disappeared. Long straight hair began to grow out from the roots of her
head. All i could do was watch.

    suddenly, i found
myself waking up in my room. I had been dreaming. “I’m, so glad that it
was all a dream”, I told myself. It was then that I picked up a bedside
mirror and discovered that i was bald.

The end.

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