TOP SEO TRENDS TO AVOID IN 2018 Over the years there have been many factors that Google have been using to rank every website, some have gone whirlwind while some are still existing till today.

Here am going to list some of the TOP SEO TRENDS TO AVOID IN 2018 and reason why you should avoid them come 2018

  1. Keywords stuffing/keyword outsmarting: Image result for keyword stuffing pictures                                  over the years, the era of keywords stuffing is going down gradually. Google, according to its 2011 TOP SEO TRENDS made updates to its search engine algorithm called Panda which is mainly against site that have bulks of keywords stuffing on their post, there are so many websites that failed victims of search engines penalization because of keywords stuffing some websites that may have been having up to 1millions views per day, reduced drastically to 500k views per day which is more reason why this TOP SEO TRENDS TO AVOID IN 2018 was being written in order to refresh your memories concerning SEO TRENDS TO AVOID IN 2018 . So For newbies that doesn’t understand what keywords stuffing is actually is, just note that keywords stuffing is the aim where a webmaster or article writer tries to outsmart Google search algorithm in order to rank higher in Google first pages. It is the means whereby a webmaster tries to use up to “10 same keywords” on a single post in order to appear first on search engine first page e.g. of keyword stuffing are: “scholarships for Africa” now when you makes “scholarships for Africa” appears up to 8-10 times on a single post that you made, then bear it in mind that you have already fall victim to Google’s panda updates penalization. Now let me tell you the effect of the penalization. If you dares do keyword stuffing on your content and submit it to search engine. Do you know the good news? You will rank higher for 24hours but are you ready for the bad news? the bad news is that your post will be deleted immediately after 24 hours but if you have luck you might still be ranking 3rd-5th on the search engine pages. so if you have the habit of stuffing keywords on your post just note that this TOP SEO TRENDS TO AVOID IN 2018  have made it clearly on reason why you should stop keyword stuffing on your post.

Google have sternly warned about keyword stuffing and their bot or human article checker are       always eager to penalized site that practice keywords stuffing.

  1. Back-linking spamming: Image result for backlink spamming pictures                                This is one of the most critical aspect concerning TOP SEO TRENDS TO AVOID IN 2018 we all know how important and competitive getting high page and domain authority on Google front page, by building back-links, so what are back-links? Back-link, with a dummies explanation approach, we can consider back-linking as the juice that flow from other site to your own site and also from your site to other site, just take search engine as the final product where that juice will be deposited finally. So what am I saying here, Google ranks your blog or site based on the authority your blog or site have. Getting back-links is not that easy especially for newbies bloggers, there have been lots of black-hat back-link building software’s littering all over the internet and also “PING TOOL” that was being used years ago to build back-link only by entering your blog URL on the URL box. But according to Google latest updates the era of black hat SEO tricks have passed so  Google now wants you to build legal back-links, e.g. of how you can build back-links are: commenting on a blog that have higher page authority and domain authority that your site, writing a guest post to those blogs that are related to your niche. With that Google will grade your site based on the number of legit links linking to your site.  So avoid using black hat SEO techniques while building backlinks, because this doesn’t work anymore.
  2. Copying/pasting:      Image result for copying and pasting pictures                                well, I can say that this are most common practices found on internet, not everyone have the strength or time to make out a great content that is worth useful and readable by their visitors, so they resort to scampering other website that have useful content and be copying and pasting their content into their own blog, some websites that likes copying from their competitors used to provide article source i.e. (original article source). But some knuckle-heads that are always eager to copy and be pasting without giving link back to whom they copied from which is a very bad habit which will eventually makes Google backlist their site.

Off course Google do considers those sites that at least provide article source.

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Note: if you are a newbie in blogging, and you want Google to finds your blog easily and also approve your AdSense application. You should try at all cost to avoid copying/pasting other people articles. I cannot say if the era of copying/pasting has gone although it made my list of TOP SEO TRENDS TO AVOID IN 2018, but I hope come 2018 Google will be in a good position to released updates based on how they will penalize sites that depends on copying/pasting other sites contents.

  1. Promoting fake content/news: Image result for fake content news pictures                                  some webmasters have formed the habit of creating a very fake contents or article in other to make their sites goes viral thereby misleading people to believe whatever they dished out on the internet. Many cases of this have been occurring everyday on the internet whereby some websites will published a fake articles about a well-known celebrity or popular politicians thereby defaming the person’s character all in a bid to make money or so. So am going to warn you or notifies you, if you are guilty of this habit of publishing fake news or articles in order to get viewers thereby misleading people which may spark “war, crime, abusive words, killings” so please stay out of this trends comes 2018. Am sure Google are updating their algorithm based on that.
  2. Poor website user experience:Image result for poor user experience pictures                           some websites have poor user experience, which is quietly accorded to the time it takes their websites to open. this mainly comes from poor structured site contents, poor site navigation, using too much of JavaScript alerts which may scare your visitors away. According to latest reports from Google concerning optimizing websites for good user experiences, Google is now ranking sites that have good mobile-responsive experience, you can make use of several tools that can be used to check if a site is mobile-friendly responsive, use it to check out what your site is missing and how to improve your visitors experience. the most suitable and free site mobile responsive site checker is google mobile friendly test

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